What to Know About the Valley Transportation Company’s $3.5M Tugboat and Trailer Jumps Off the Bayfront

The trailer for the Valley transportation company’s $5 million tugboat is a bit unusual, but it is a prototype, the company said in a news release Wednesday.

The tugboat, called the Valley Tug, will take off from a dock on the west side of the Bay Bridge, the trailer will go under the bridge and land on the south side, the release said.

The Valley Tig and Trailer are powered by four lithium-ion batteries and weigh 1,400 pounds, said Matthew Wootton, president of Valley Transportation, which is owned by the Bay Area Economic Development Corp. The company is based in Palo Alto, about 45 miles north of San Francisco.

The trailer will be anchored in the harbor for up to 15 days before it is towed to its berth at the San Francisco International Airport, Wootston said.

It will be able to withstand a lot of impact and wind and snow.

The company also has another, larger tugboat to deliver cargo to warehouses and to deliver trailers to the airport.

The Bay Bridge tugboat was first used in 2003.

The two new trailers will have a capacity of 5,600 pounds, Wootston said.

“It is an ambitious plan, but we’re making great progress in getting this project off the ground,” he said.

A Bay Area Transportation Authority spokesperson said the project is in a “very early stage,” but that it would be “a tremendous opportunity for our community to have a better connection to jobs and commerce.”

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