‘Bharatiya Janata Party will give job to workers who are good in transport’, says Raghavendra Groome

The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has said it will give a job to employees who are “good in transport”.

Speaking at a meeting of workers and representatives of transport companies in Lucknow, BJP state president and transport minister Raghuram Rajan said the party would also provide “bribes” to employees of private contractors and hire “good drivers” for transport companies.

Rajan said while private firms have been given “bribery” to help them get transport contracts, the “government will help transport companies” through “bribe payments”.

“The government will give bribe payments to workers and contractors who are competent in transport.

We are giving them jobs in the transport sector,” he said.

“If we are not giving jobs to people who are capable of performing their job, why would we have any money to help our workers get jobs?”

Asked about how the party was planning to get such “babu jobs” from the private sector, Rajan responded, “We will get jobs for these workers by paying bribes to them.

We will also give bribes to them so that they will perform their job well.”

Rajin was referring to a meeting held by the transport companies’ representatives last week in Luckon to discuss the recruitment of their employees.

While the government has given subsidies to private firms, the BJP is not in favour of the scheme, and has made it clear that it is against bribing employees.

According to the Hindustan Times, the meeting also discussed how to “increase the salaries of employees in the private and public sector”.

Asked about the number of workers in the public sector who are in the “good” category, Raja said, “The good drivers and the good employees are in a good group.

They have the ability to perform their duties well.”

According to Raja, the government had made it known that the “bribing” of drivers, contractors and other workers would be “a crime” and the “law will be against us”.”

The bribing of drivers and other employees is illegal and the government should stop it.”

According to Raja, the government had made it known that the “bribing” of drivers, contractors and other workers would be “a crime” and the “law will be against us”.

He also said the “public sector will not be bribed”.

The BJP is set to make a major pitch to the working class of Uttar Pradesh and other states in the coming days, as it attempts to wrest the “secular” tag from its rivals and build its base in the working classes.

The party, which has made a concerted effort to attract the middle class, has said the slogan of “Raja is an idealist” will resonate with voters.

It is also looking to build its brand among workers, particularly youth, by appealing to their sentiments of nationalism and belonging to a country that was “built on democracy” and is “a democracy for all”.

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