Which motorcycle transport company will have the most riders?

Motorcycle transport company IMS, which runs IMS Motorcycle, is now expanding its reach into the United Kingdom with plans to open its first UK base, a company spokesperson told Engadgets. 

“The new location will provide us with a more extensive and efficient presence in the UK, bringing the company closer to the millions of people who use our services every day,” IMS chief operating officer Tom Bower told Engaggets.

“We’ve got a huge and loyal customer base in the United States, and we’re looking forward to expanding further.” 

IMS has a long history in the bike industry and has a loyal following in the US, which has been known to use the service for years. 

The company recently secured a deal with American retailer Zappos to use IMS bikes in a partnership with the retailer’s US sales division, and plans to expand this to other US retailers in the coming months.

Bower said that the company was also interested in expanding its presence in Europe, with the first IMS bike to be shipped to Belgium this month.

“I’ve been really impressed with the quality and the professionalism of the staff at IMS,” he said.

“They really are passionate about their customers, and I think the UK and the US are two great markets for IMS.”

IMS plans to have a full-scale facility in the U.K. by the end of 2019, with plans for more to come as the company works towards its full expansion plan.

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