How to be a good nurse: What you need to know

A new book by an American nurse is offering a clear blueprint for how to manage a stressful hospital setting and save yourself the agony of waiting in a room full of patients.

The new book, Nursing for Health and Wellbeing: A Guide for Nurses and Caregivers, is written by nurse and social worker Emily Anderton and is aimed at healthcare workers in hospitals across the country.

The book’s authors say the book helps nurses, who might be struggling with their own personal stress, understand how to work with a patient in an environment where they can share information, be proactive in monitoring a patient’s wellbeing, and help a nurse work in a more professional way.

“It’s a book for nurses who are struggling to manage their own hospital environments,” Ms Anderston told ABC News.

“[Nurse]s are a little bit stressed out, and they have to be,” she said.

“But they can also manage it better by being proactive, understanding the patient’s needs, and working with them in a way that’s both supportive and comfortable for them.

There’s a lot of stuff that’s happening that is very stressful and there’s a little more understanding of that than there is in the literature that I’ve read.”‘

It’s all about the nurses’ health’The book is a companion to Nurse for Health: Practical Strategies for Nurse Health Professionals, written by a group of nurses.

Nurse for Health was published in May this year by Oxford University Press.

Anderton said the book had helped her become more assertive in the workplace, and it also gave her a better understanding of what her role in the profession meant.

“I started reading Nurse for the first time in a nursing context, and I realized that it’s all a matter of nurses’ healthcare and their wellbeing,” Ms Dern said.

She said she had found it hard to stay in her comfort zone during her time in the hospital.

“It took me a little while to realise that nurses were in the room with the patient,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

Read more about nursing, nursing care and nursing home issues”

Nurses need to have that sort of space in the operating room, and nurses are also in the waiting room and in the other areas of the hospital.”

Read more about nursing, nursing care and nursing home issues

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