Which cities have the highest per capita mobile home ownership?

Mobile homes are everywhere, from rural towns to major cities.

In some areas, the number of mobile homes in use is as high as 80 per cent.

They are commonly used by backpackers to travel on foot or by car for short trips.

They can be rented from companies such as RV Transport or Homeowners.

But mobile homes are also being used by Australians to live and work in the country’s remote regions.

Here’s a look at the top 10 metropolitan areas with the most mobile homes.

Melbourne: More than 80 per year.

Photo: David Mariuz For a start, the state capital is not known for having an abundance of mobile home parks.

But the city’s high per capita ownership rate and strong demand for rental services means that there are more mobile homes available than in any other city in the state.

Melbourne is also home to some of the countrys highest concentration of mobile mobile home owners, with more than 80 mobile homes per 100,000 residents.

“There’s more than enough room in the city for a mobile home park,” Mr Anderson said.

“We’ve got the biggest concentration of this type of housing in Melbourne.”

Mr Anderson believes mobile home parking is more common in rural areas.

“You have a lot of rural communities that are really low on population density,” he said.

“[And] rural people tend to be more vulnerable to the weather and that’s something that can make mobile home use in a rural area difficult.”

In other words, a mobile trailer park may be the safest place to live.

“If you’re in a remote location and there’s a shortage of accommodation, you can park a mobile and then park it somewhere else and it’s still likely to be there for a couple of months,” Mr Smith said.

However, in rural communities, Mr Anderson’s advice would be to take some time to make sure you’re able to live in the area you’re moving to.

“It’s not about whether you’re going to live or not, it’s about what you want to do,” he explained.

The next best city for mobile homes? “

And if you’re not going to do that, and you want the best for your family and your friends, then you’re probably going to want a trailer park.”

The next best city for mobile homes?

Sydney: More.

Photo, courtesy of Sydney Housing Council.

Mobile home parks can be found in suburbs such as Broadmeadows and St Kilda.

But Sydney is also an attractive option for those looking to live away from their family and friends.

According to Mr Anderson, mobile home sites in the outer suburbs of Northbridge, Newtown and Bondi are popular options.

“I think that’s where the demand for mobile housing is the highest,” he noted.

“The outer suburbs are very affordable.”

The number of rental properties available for rent in the inner suburbs of St Kildare and Glenorchy has also grown.

“Those areas have the best density and it is also the most densely populated areas,” Mr Jones said.

In other areas of Sydney, such as Darlinghurst and Bond Park, mobile homes can be more affordable than in the suburbs.

“They’re a lot cheaper,” he added.

“Especially if you live in a house where you have a bedroom or two, or a bath or two.”

While many mobile home users are seeking cheaper options to live closer to home, Mr Smith recommends looking for an apartment in the CBD.

“Many people who move to the CBD will want to live close to where they work and the shopping, so it’s a good place to find a rental property,” he advised.

“Some people might want to rent out their trailer but they may want to pay a little bit more to do it.”

The other big mobile home hotspot is Melbourne.

“That’s probably the best place to start because it’s just so large, it has a lot to offer,” Mr Moore said.

Mr Anderson is convinced mobile home living in Melbourne is a popular choice for people looking to move out of their homes.

“Melbourne is the most affordable place in the nation for renting a mobile, so that’s a pretty good place for people to start,” he observed.

“People are living out there in small, rural areas and it offers a lot, especially with the growth in the population.”

What to do when you get a mobile?

If you’re looking for a rental mobile, you might have to get creative.

If you want an apartment, you’ll need to consider where you want your space.

“For example, if you rent a house, you’re actually in the middle of a street and you’re walking along the street, you don’t necessarily need a mobile,” Mr Lee said.

But if you do need a space, Mr Jones advises looking for apartments closer to the city centre.

“Because if you want something

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