What happens if you don’t have a car in the United States?

Transportation experts say there are few practical ways to travel outside of major cities and that a lot of the problems that are driving people out of the United Kingdom and Europe may soon be fixed.

Theresa May and the government have committed to a 10-year strategy to help plug the gap between the needs of people who don’t own a car and those who do.

It includes a number of measures that are intended to alleviate congestion and pollution in the U.K. and Europe, but some experts are concerned about whether they will actually help the situation. 

A report by the British government’s Joint Transport Committee released Thursday said congestion and air pollution are both increasing in the country, and many people are being driven to destinations outside their homes.

The report found that traffic in the capital, London, has jumped by more than 60 percent since 2012, and that some roads and bridges are no longer usable due to poor maintenance.

The report also found that pollution levels in parts of the country are far higher than in the years 2000-2013.

“The congestion is worse than ever before,” said David Pugh, a professor at the University of Southampton and the chair of the Transport and Environment Committee in the British House of Commons.

“It’s getting worse.

There’s less public transport and a bigger emphasis on cars.”

Pugh said that a large part of the problem is the way we have been getting around London.

It used to be that people were able to walk from one point to another, he said, but now most people drive and many walk to work or school.

The UK has been hit hard by a series of events, such as the Brexit vote, the 2016 London Olympics, the Great Barrier Reef bleaching and the massive fires that have swept through parts of southern England. 

Many people are still not sure how they’ll survive a prolonged winter without cars.

Some are worried that their commute from home to work could be disrupted by the new climate policies being implemented by the government.

“There’s a lot at stake,” Pugh said.

“We don’t know what will happen if we don’t act now.

There are many people who are stuck in this very, very dark place.”

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