Why is the airport in Cuba so congested?

The air traffic control tower is surrounded by a high wall of metal fencing, and a concrete barrier on the ground separates the airfield from the airport.

But there is little sign of the security that once stood between Cuba and the rest of the world.

On a recent weekday, passengers could easily be seen walking from one side of the airport to the other.

Many travelers were carrying bags of food and water, and others were heading home from an event, according to Carlos Martinez, a former Cuban diplomat who is now director of Cuba’s Center for the Study of Human Rights.

“There is no security there, and that’s a problem for us,” he told Reuters.

Cuban President Raul Castro has been trying to push the island to open up more of its economy to foreign companies and investors for decades.

Cuba has had more than a decade of relative peace under his rule, but its economy has been steadily contracting in recent years.

Cuba’s economic woes began in 2010 when a wave of strikes by workers and others forced the government to shut down the main airport.

That shuttered the entire international cargo terminal and nearly all the cargo and personnel moving between the two.

The strikes also forced Cubans to travel abroad in search of work, with the price of doing business soaring, making it harder for Cubans living in the U.S. and Europe to stay in the country.

The airport’s traffic is also getting more congested.

On an average weekday, there are nearly 50,000 passengers at the airport, and the daily average of arrivals is just over 10,000, according the Cuban Ministry of Civil Aviation.

On the same day that Castro opened the airport last October, the government also declared a state of emergency and closed all flights.

There are also several other airports in the region that have experienced congestion and delays due to the strike.

On Friday, a group of activists from the UASC and other groups protested at Havana airport in solidarity with the strikers.

“We are here today, we will be here for as long as it takes,” said Mariela Medina, a 26-year-old who was one of the protesters.

Medina said she had been traveling in Cuba for two years and had never been so crowded.

She said she was heading home on the same flight as a friend when the plane landed in Miami on a Thursday night.

“When I arrived in Miami, I couldn’t find a seat because I was already standing on the plane,” she said.

Medina has been in Cuba to support her sister, who was arrested in July on charges of attempting to overthrow the government.

The sister was sentenced to three years in prison and is still behind bars.

“My sister was arrested for a crime that no one could believe was happening,” said Medina, who has been organizing for her sister’s release for the past two years.

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