Why Texas isn’t building more highway capacity

Transportation code experts say the state is not getting the required capital and construction dollars it needs to build the necessary new highways.

The code review comes as state officials say they need to expand state highway capacity to meet the growing demand for car travel in the state.

Texas has the third-highest number of cars per capita in the country, behind California and Georgia.

The state needs more than 4 million new vehicles to meet demand for cars, said Michael Ruhl, an assistant director for the Texas Department of Transportation, which oversees transportation infrastructure.

The code review is the first step toward figuring out how to increase the state’s capital budget and build new highways, he said.

“We’re getting nowhere near what we need to do, and we need a lot more work,” Ruhls said in an interview.

The new report said the state needs $15.4 billion in capital spending over the next five years to meet transportation needs and that there needs to be a $2.2 billion increase in the number of miles traveled per capita.

The review, the latest of its kind, was requested by Gov.

Greg Abbott, a Republican, in April after he announced a plan to spend $1.3 billion for a new highway from Houston to San Antonio.

Texas, which has more than 20 million people and has more roadways than any other state in the nation, has spent $1 billion to upgrade highways since the state opened the road in 2012, the report said.

It said it would work with state lawmakers to improve the state infrastructure and fund more highway spending.

The state has long struggled to get enough funding for roads.

In 2009, it spent $8.6 billion on highways and bridge construction, but it has been unable to increase spending since then.

The number of lanes in state highways has risen since the recession, and state leaders say the new report will help them get to where they need them.

The $1-billion plan will help the state build and fund a network of roads, bridges and highways that will connect to other parts of the state and across the nation.

The report found Texas is in a better position than many states to fund the project because it has more revenue and has the money to fund it, Ruhsaid.

The study does not include a breakdown of the funding needed for the projects.

The Texas Transportation Commission will hold a public hearing on Monday at the Texas State Capitol.

The panel will review the report and offer recommendations.

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