How to avoid water pollution in the UK’s largest city

The largest city in the United Kingdom is one of the world’s largest cities.

It is also one of its most polluted.

Water pollution in London is so bad, that many people can’t even drink their water.

We spoke to residents to find out what it’s like to live in the city.

We asked people about their water quality, their drinking habits and how they feel about their city.

Water quality in London: water quality map and facts We know London is one big city.

But we don’t know exactly how big it is.

The water quality in the capital is quite high.

It’s actually the second highest in the world.

This is because it is mostly treated with chlorination.

It uses a treatment called desalination to purify the water and remove chlorine, a naturally occurring compound in the water that can cause harmful effects to the human body.

The treatment is used to treat drinking water in the City of London.

It also helps remove heavy metals from the water, including lead, mercury, arsenic and lead acid.

But this is only one of many ways that the city of London is making sure that it meets environmental regulations.

Water safety in London According to the Waterwatch campaign, London is among the worst cities in the EU when it comes to water safety.

The campaign says the water quality is so poor in London that, if you walk outside without masks, you can easily drown.

We interviewed several residents to understand how their water is polluted and how water pollution affects them.

The first thing you should know about water pollution is that it is a huge problem in London.

The Waterwatch group reports that there are more than 400,000 cases of waterborne illness and 3,500 deaths each year in London because of water pollution.

The main source of the pollution is the sewage system, where people drink dirty water.

London’s sewage treatment plants are the main source for the pollution.

This means that the water in London’s sewers is contaminated with bacteria and mould.

These are very harmful bacteria that can damage the lungs, kidneys and the heart.

So if you drink water that has been treated with chlorine, you should be very careful about drinking it.

The second thing you need to know about the water is that if you are outside in your house you should not be exposed to water.

The London Underground (LU) trains use water for cooling and other purposes, and this is also the source of a lot of pollution in our city.

According to London’s Waterwatch report, this water comes from the city’s main source, the Thames.

If you have any water in your tank, such as a swimming pool or garden hose, you need a pump to make sure that the air is not polluted by the water.

But there is no regulation about how much water you can use in your household.

This water can get into the toilets and into the drains in some cases, and if you use a tap you could end up with pollution in your system.

And if you take a shower, you could potentially get contaminated with chlorine.

In addition to the sewage treatment system, there are other sources of pollution.

We used a survey to understand what people thought about water quality and how it affects them, so we can make decisions about the environment.

The survey showed that water quality can affect the way people think about water.

If they see that the quality of the water has deteriorated, they could think about how they can do something about it.

This could be changing habits to reduce their use of water, or it could be putting more effort into cleaning up the water systems.

If people feel they can reduce their water use, they may not have as much energy to think about the health effects of their water consumption.

But if they think they can, they will likely reduce their intake of water.

People can choose to change their habits to help reduce the water consumption and pollution.

But in the meantime, the pollution in their home is still there.

How people feel about water is a big factor in their daily life.

If we can reduce water consumption by not drinking it, we can have a more sustainable future.

We talked to residents who live in different parts of London and we asked them what they think about their environment.

Many people say that they feel that the drinking water quality has improved since the start of the survey.

But the water pollution doesn’t stop there.

We also asked them about how their drinking water affects them and how this impacts them.

Water and the environment in the West water pollution problems The West is a country that’s mostly arid and dry.

But when it rains, the water level in rivers can rise to a certain point and can be quite dangerous.

The city of Portland, Oregon, has a river that’s a river of its own, and it flows through an urban area.

In the early 20th century, Portland was known as a “river city”, where the water came from the Pacific Ocean. The river

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