What do we know about the new DANA-MEX-BICYCLES concept?

06.10.18 – The DANA, a new type of road transport system being developed by Slovenian-based Slovenian company MEXBIC (formerly known as DANA) is set to be introduced in the coming years.

The concept will be unveiled at the European Transport Forum in Ljubljana this week. 

A DANA will be based on the new VLBI (Vlatican BICYCLE) road transport technology. 

According to MEXF, the road transport is designed to be able to handle traffic at up to 4 km/h, and the vehicle can be operated up to 20 km/hr on the open roads, allowing it to move from the city to the countryside. 

The new DANDA-MET will be powered by a hybrid-electric battery system, while it will have a range of up to 400 km and a top speed of 70 km/hour. 

While MEXCYCLING has been working on the concept for the last three years, the new MEXA-MOTOR will be built by DANA and it will be announced during the first week of September.

The new MEXTRA (MEXA BICycles EXhaust System) will be fitted with a petrol-electric hybrid system.

The MEXTREME-MART will be equipped with a battery system capable of powering a vehicle at up 30 kW (40 hp), and a maximum range of 400 km.MEXBic is also developing a new concept for an all-wheel drive vehicle, based on a concept from its previous subsidiary, SIXBIC, which has been presented in the past. 

This new concept is called “NOVA” and is described as a hybrid platform that uses a “new, innovative technology” that combines two common technologies, namely electric motor and an energy storage system. 

NOVA-MAST (NOVA Motor Assist System) is designed for the development of a motorcycle with a maximum driving speed of over 70 kmh, as well as for the transportation of passengers on the roads. 

 This system is designed with a high level of efficiency and will be installed on a number of motorcycle models in the near future. 

In addition to this, the company is also planning to develop a motor for the transport of passengers in a “large” vehicle, which will be able travel up to 100 kmh. 

MEXF will be responsible for all of the development and implementation of the new vehicle. 

As MEXBs are currently only available in limited markets, MEXMOTORS (MEXTRESE MOTORS) will also be available for purchase in Europe. 

At the European Touring Car show in Milan this week, MEXTRETRE (MECHANICAL ASSISTORS) and MEXTRAMOTORS will also feature. 

“The future of transport is here and with this new concept, we aim to accelerate the transition to mobility and increase its attractiveness,” said MEXBUSINESS CEO Jovan Pajović.

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