Which new transit systems are going to dominate in the future?

The big question of the decade is which of the four transit-oriented development models will emerge from a major urban transit conference.

A few months ago, the conference called on the public to help define and weigh in on which of them should dominate in 20 years’ time.

And in an interview, Transportation Minister Eric Hoskins says the answer will likely be the transit-first model.

The answer to that question, he says, will likely come down to how cities and communities plan to integrate the most advanced and connected transportation technology.

The three models of transportation innovation being considered, called SmartTrack, SmartInfrastructure and Connected Transit, represent a combination of approaches to the future of urban transit.

The idea is that the new transportation infrastructure should be designed to meet the challenges of congestion, noise and air pollution.

In an interview with the AP, Hoskins said a big reason for the innovation is that it’s not just about making things better, but making things easier for people to use.

He says the most important thing for people is to be able to get where they’re going, whether that’s walking, biking or using public transit.

That’s the goal, he said.

“It’s really about getting people out of their cars, getting people to walk, get people off the bus, get them off the train,” he said, adding that’s the key to the success of the new infrastructure.

The new models would use technology that can make travel easier, such as ride-hailing apps such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, as well as new technologies such as GPS, sensors and cameras.

The new transportation solutions would offer a more comfortable ride, with less friction for drivers and passengers.

It would be a good thing if we could have an easy way to get around, Hoskin said.

And we can’t do that with a vehicle that’s driving us everywhere.

That vehicle is going to be a big part of our daily lives.

Hoskins says cities should be taking the lead in figuring out how to make transit easier and faster, not just better for the environment but also for drivers.

It will be a challenge, he acknowledged, but cities will be able better manage traffic and make better use of existing infrastructure.

Some of the technologies, such a driverless car, are not yet ready to be commercially available.

And while cities can get the infrastructure they need, the technology is still in its early stages.

It’s also important that the technology isn’t used for frivolous purposes, such the city building an amusement park that is not ready for occupancy.

But as cities move forward with these transportation solutions that are going beyond simple improvements, they will also need to make sure they do not go too far.

For example, when you get to the point where you can connect a new car to a bus, and the driver is not a human, you have a lot of questions to ask.

How can you connect the bus to the other bus?

How can the bus be more autonomous?

How do you get a driver off the buses and into the cars and get people to take the bus?

What are we going to do with these people?

They’re going to need the transportation infrastructure, the public transportation, but also the ability to do other things, Hosens said.

There are also questions that need to be asked about how we can make it possible for the people that drive to be part of the solution as well.

Homes with a garage are getting smaller, but the amount of traffic that’s going to increase is going be much greater, Hosins said.

There are all kinds of things you can do to reduce that, like the use of sensors that you can monitor to see what’s going on with the cars, and how long people have been driving, and whether there are any crashes that are occurring.

There will be many challenges, Hosons said, but there is also a lot that can be done.

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