‘We are the only Irish company in Europe’ – The Dublin Bus service

Transport companies are on the back foot in Ireland after the Government took the decision to suspend all services in the country.

A total of 18 buses, 24 taxis and five trams are being halted from running between Dublin and the capital in the coming days, the Government said.

The move comes after the Dublin Bus was given permission to resume its services between the capital and the northern city of Limerick in early September.

A spokesman for the company said: “The Dublin Bus will be working with Transport for Ireland (TfI) to work out a resolution for this issue.”

The Dublin bus is operating from Dublin and has been operating on schedule in the last few weeks.

“We are continuing to monitor the situation and will continue to provide updates.”

Transport Minister Simon Coveney said it was a decision taken “after careful consideration of the situation”.

The Minister said that the Government had been in contact with the taxi companies and they had been assured of the services that would continue.

He added that the Irish Transport Authority (ITA) had been notified of the suspension of services in Ireland.

TfC, the Irish rail transport regulator, said the decision would not affect taxi services.

However, it said that it had been working with taxi operators to find a solution for their disruption.

A spokesperson for Taxi for Ireland, which operates a number of taxis in Ireland, said:”We believe that the issue of bus services in Dublin and Limerick should be resolved by the TfI.

We will continue working closely with TfC to try to resolve the issue.”

Irish Independent

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