Montgomery Transportation Systems unveils new automated buses that can move people around in Montgomery

Montgomery Transportation System has announced the launch of its first self-driving buses, with a range of options to accommodate different traffic conditions.

The company’s first autonomous bus will be able to move people to work and back in less than three minutes.

“We wanted to create a bus that was going to be a driverless bus for the Montgomery community,” said Tanya Kostenkopf, CEO of Montgomery Transportation, in a press release.

“A fully automated bus can move about 80 percent of the people that walk, bike, and drive to work every day.

The bus can do it in under two minutes.”

The new buses, which will be in service in 2020, will operate on an electric propulsion system, allowing the driver to take control of the bus and move it to its destination.

It will also have a 360-degree viewing camera and navigation system that allows it to take full control of its route and routes to meet local traffic needs.

The bus is expected to be used for the first time in Montgomery by 2020, with the company planning to offer it for purchase later in 2020.

The system is expected cost about $100,000 and is designed for use by a variety of companies, including the Montgomery Public Works Department and the Montgomery County Transit System.

The company said it will use the autonomous buses to improve safety and reduce the number of crashes.

It plans to roll out the first buses in 2021, with an option to extend the fleet for another two years.

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