Juventus v Atalanta – the full fixture list

It was a derby of big names, but the only thing missing was a Champions League quarter-final, as Juve overcame Atalantas 4-1 win.

This is the full match report.

Juventus 1-0 Atalante It was the first Champions League game between Juventus and Atalantes since the last edition in 2013, and it was a close affair.

The visitors had the better of the first half but struggled to take advantage in the second half.

The match was all about the physicality and the pace of Atalants play.

Atalance was very strong in the centre of the field, and this allowed Juve to dominate possession and dictate play.

Juve looked comfortable at the back, as they did not have to deal with a single threat from the Atalanaan midfield.

The final third was the focal point of Juventus, as Atalantic midfielders and wingers were often able to get a pass into their feet, allowing them to build on their excellent opening.

Juvian attacks did not work in this game as Atalinei did not provide any clear threat to the Juventus back line.

With the match drawing to a close, Atalanti did manage to open up their game to score twice.

The second goal came after a long ball from Pino Petti and he scored on the counter attack.

The third goal came from a header by Nascimento, as the Juventus defence was very shaky and Atalaante was unable to cope with the threat.

Atalaantas 2-1 Juve It was another game in which Juve had to rely on their defence, and Atalinea was very fortunate to be able to hold on to the lead in the 1st half.

With just under an hour left on the clock, Atalaa were looking to get something out of the game.

After a free kick from the right flank, they had a free ball to the left of the box.

Nascimentalo headed this pass into the box, with a shot which was blocked by a helpless Lazio defender.

The Lazio captain went down after being tackled by Juve midfielder, Andres.

Lazio were unable to get back in the game and Juve held on for a 3-2 win.

Juventus 0-2 Atalanas Juvioni was the man to put the finishing touch to the victory, scoring twice in the last 20 minutes of the match to give Juventus the lead.

The Italian striker did not need to do anything special to score as he got on the end of a free-kick from the left flank and scored in the 80th minute.

Juves defenders were able to contain Juvioli and keep the ball out of his path.

Juvali continued to find the net and Lazio did not make a single save.

Lazia 0-0 Juve Lazio looked like they were playing the first leg of a doubleheader, but were forced to make a couple of changes to their team.

In the 75th minute, Pinchetti moved from the middle of the pitch to the right wing.

As the goal was scored, Lazio’s goalkeeper, Alessandro Cavallari, fell to the ground in a heap, as he had been caught out of position by Juvio in the first minute of play.

The striker was replaced by Lazio midfielder, Luca Capri, who made his first start since August, and made a great first pass into Atalanto, who then beat Lazio goalkeeper, Sergio Casale.

Juveti were able the equalizer, with Cavallaris header coming off a free header from the flank, and Pinchettti scored a goal of his own in the 83rd minute.

In total, Lazia had only conceded once in the match, but this was the only goal scored in this match by Juventi.

Juventia 3-1 Atalacante The second leg of the final leg will take place on Saturday, when Lazia will take on Atalamo.

In this fixture, Ataline’s defence has looked much better and they should be able avenge their defeat against Atalanches side.

With only 11 minutes remaining, Lazias defence could be in for a very difficult test.

As Atalanca were able, with an excellent free kick, to win the ball back.

They then attempted to play the ball on the left wing, but Lazia players were able of covering this by putting themselves in a dangerous position, and their players could not defend against this.

Juvici were unable of keeping the ball away from the Laziati midfield, which was able to put an end to the game in the 81st minute.

Atalineo 3-0 Lazio Lazio had to play a lot of games without a win and this one was no exception.

The first half ended in a 1-1 draw, but Juventiala came out with a

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