Which ride is better for a baby, a car or a ride-sharing app?

Transportation experts are divided on which car is the best for a new mother, or whether one can do both.

A new study by researchers at the University of New York Medical Center found that Uber and Lyft were better for babies, and that the ride-hailing companies had better outcomes for moms.

But the researchers also found that the two companies do not offer the best care for new mothers.

The study is the first to assess how babies will fare during pregnancy, with a focus on the delivery process.

It found that infants and toddlers benefit from being able to use the cars as early as possible, as well as getting a good sense of the experience and what the environment will be like in the coming weeks.

For a baby who’s just a few days old, the study found that parents can expect to have about five days to learn to walk and talk, and four to six weeks to reach full independence.

The babies are also more likely to experience some discomfort during this time.

Uber and other ride-share companies are still offering their own baby car programs, but they’re not for everyone.

Parents with young children often want to take advantage of the new technologies and get the most out of their baby.

Uber’s new service, UberEATS, has already started offering new mothers a baby car.

But they may not be as likely to use it as they would be with the traditional companies.

Uber is the largest baby-car provider in the U.S. with more than 10,000 rides per day.

It says its service is the safest for the driver and baby.

The new study, however, found that baby-vehicle use by older mothers increased by 24 percent, while for younger mothers, the decrease was just 3 percent.

The researchers noted that the study only looked at babies who were 2 weeks old or younger.

They hope their findings will help inform parents about which vehicles are best for their baby and that they can choose a safer option for their child.

The research was published online March 1 in the journal Child Neurology.

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