Choptank, an autonomous transport company, is looking for its first drivers

choptanek, an online transportation startup, is trying to find its first full-time drivers by creating an online platform that connects people from all over the world with one another.

The platform has a mission of building a driverless transport network that will help make transportation a viable and affordable alternative to driving.

The startup, which recently raised $30 million from private investors, will operate on a trial basis and it is aiming to offer drivers the option of a two-month stay, for which they will be paid.

The two-year program will last until 2020 and the startup plans to hire at least one full-timer.

The company is building a fleet of cars that are built to autonomously navigate the world’s streets, using advanced algorithms that are able to detect and react to hazards like cyclists and pedestrians.

The cars are equipped with cameras that track the location of cyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers, and they will also have a range of advanced safety features, including lane-splitting and automatic braking.

The first cars will be produced by Choptanank in a factory in China.

The drivers will be part of a small group of Choptans who are in their early twenties.

The founders are planning to roll out the first batch of vehicles in 2020.

“We want to see people use this technology to travel around their city, and not just use it for commuting,” said Choptanka cofounder and CEO John R. C. Smith.

“There are a lot of people out there who really enjoy being able to do things that other people don’t want to do.”

Choptanks cars will not be connected to the Internet.

Instead, they will use a proprietary system that will communicate with the company’s servers and other applications.

The vehicles will also be powered by battery packs that can be plugged into smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Choptano has been testing its vehicles in California and has also been looking at the possibilities of building an electric vehicle.

The Choptana team plans to launch a prototype in 2020 that is powered by a hybrid battery pack that will be connected via Bluetooth to an app on a smartphone.

The next phase of the project will include further research and development.

“The next step is to build a fully self-driving vehicle, where the cars are actually able to learn to navigate around other vehicles on the road,” said Smith.

This is a big step in the right direction for the Choptak company, which has been searching for a driver to work for it for about five years.

“This is an opportunity for the entire Choptack team to have the opportunity to be able to create a world-class vehicle,” said Rhett P. Clark, Chopta’s chief executive officer.

The CEO has said that the company is aiming for a 100 percent autonomous driving capability by the end of the decade.

The goal is to have all of its vehicles connected to a central network that could be run by a central server, or a cloud computing platform.

Chopters vehicles will be able access the company database and operate autonomously without human drivers.

The system will be powered entirely by solar energy, and the company will be investing heavily in solar.

The car will be fully autonomous.

In addition to driving, the vehicles will carry passengers and cargo.

The project will also look at developing autonomous delivery vehicles, which could be used in areas like hospitals and other transportation hubs.

The future is bright for Choptanky and its future driver, but its hard to predict how long the company may be able get the vehicles working.

“Choptank has made great progress with its autonomous technology, but there are so many challenges and obstacles we still have to overcome before we are ready to begin delivering ChoptANK cars to the world,” said Clark.

“With that said, we will keep working hard and we are confident that Choptanked will be here to deliver the Chopops next wave of driverless transportation.”

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