Uber to open up its Uber X ride-sharing service to all-electric cars

Auto transport trailers are getting a lot of attention these days, thanks to the launch of electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3.

But what about the other type of vehicle that Uber has recently announced it will be offering, the Tesla Semi?

The company announced it was adding Tesla Semi-trailers to its fleet, which it has called the Tesla X, the company said Tuesday.

Tesla Semi trucks are also being offered on its service, along with semi-trucks.

Tesla has not confirmed whether or not it will begin shipping the Semi-truck or if Tesla Semi will be available as a standard feature on all its vehicles.

However, the Semi is currently available for delivery in California, according to Tesla.

Tesla says the Semi will go on sale later this year, with a price tag of $40,000 for the full range of the vehicle.

The company says the first deliveries will begin in March 2018.

The Semi is Tesla’s latest entry into the EV market, which has seen rapid growth in recent years.

The Tesla Model S is the top-selling EV in the United States, according of US sales, with sales exceeding 100,000 per week.

Tesla’s Semi-Truck and Semi-Trailer vehicles, both of which are made by Fremont, California-based Tesla, are also available on Tesla’s website.

Tesla said that it is offering both Semi- and Semi Truck in the states of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Texas.

Tesla says it has sold over 300,000 vehicles in California alone, with deliveries to date of more than 12 million miles.

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