The GOP’s Biggest Threat to Our Economy

The House Republican plan to raise the gas tax to fund a massive infrastructure spending package would also increase the deficit by about $1.3 trillion over the next decade, according to a study released Tuesday by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

That means the GOP’s proposal to expand transportation spending will add to the nation’s long-term deficit and cause the country to pay more in federal taxes to the federal government, the Tax Policy Centers report found.

The study was commissioned by the American Transportation Alliance, which represents nearly a dozen major transportation and transportation infrastructure groups.

The group argues that the $1 trillion spending plan would cost more than $1,000 per person by 2026, and that its impact on the deficit would be even greater.

It is important to note that the study does not take into account the economic effects of higher gasoline taxes, the analysis found.

That is because of the way in which the tax would be applied to the fuel tax.

Under the House GOP proposal, the fuel-tax rate would be increased by 2.2 cents per gallon, which would add up to a $1 increase for every $1 of revenue raised from the tax hike.

“While we are confident that the bill will achieve the intended impact, the bill’s impact on economic growth will be even more severe than previously anticipated,” said Kevin Hassett, director of the Tax and Fiscal Policy Center at the Brookings Institution.

That economic impact comes from the Tax Relief and Job Creation Act, which is designed to encourage the creation of jobs by boosting the economy by raising taxes on the rich.

That measure was included in the GOP tax plan.

A bill is being drafted in the House that would expand and deepen the tax cuts, and it would also include provisions to expand federal transportation spending and boost spending on roads and bridges.

The House is expected to vote on the legislation this week, with the Senate taking a separate vote in early February.

With the House passing the legislation on Wednesday, Senate Republicans are expected to move swiftly to pass the bill with Democratic support.

That would allow the bill to move on to President Donald Trump’s desk, and potentially even on to the president’s desk before the end of the year.

This is a developing story.

Please check back for updates.

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