What to know about the Dart Mobility system

DART Mobility has been rolling out a series of buses, which use a vehicle-to-bus connection to connect to new bus routes and other transit facilities.

DART has been making these improvements in phases, starting in 2017. 

The new buses will be the first new vehicles in the fleet for several years, and they’re expected to be the largest. 

But the fleet’s biggest change might be the new “active” transport system. 

DART is planning to build new bus-only routes, with routes and stops where riders will need to use their bike to get to and from the bus stops. 

There are currently three active bus routes that connect to all of the existing bus routes: Route 5 in downtown Los Angeles, Route 4 in Long Beach, and Route 4 and 5 in the Santa Ana Mountains. 

Those routes will have to be replaced with a bus route that connects to each bus stop. 

If that’s not possible, DART will need new bus stops on the old routes. 

These are the routes that will have the most ridership, with Route 5 and Route 6 at the top of the list. 

Other routes will be eliminated entirely or altered in order to make them more effective and cost-effective. 

In 2018, the transit agency will begin construction on Route 8, which will connect to Route 4 but have bus stops along the way. 

This will make Route 8 the first active bus route to connect all of DART’s new routes, but will likely require significant changes to other bus routes.

This is an important first step, as the current bus system is not efficient. 

“The active transportation system that DART is looking at will make these buses even more effective, and make it easier for riders to get from point A to point B,” DART spokeswoman Angela Oster said in an email. 

What do you think about the new buses?

Have any other transportation issues to report?

Let us know in the comments section below. 

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