When a school bus is not enough for your disabled child

In the past, many schools have used school buses for mobility and other purposes.

But in the past two years, there has been an increase in school bus travel, particularly in rural areas, to accommodate students with mobility issues. 

The number of students using school buses rose to 1.5 million in 2016, up from 1.3 million in 2015, according to data from the Department of Education. 

According to data collected by the National Association of School Bus Manufacturers (NASMB), the number of buses used by students with disabilities grew by more than 5% between 2015 and 2016, from 1,936,000 to 2,064,000. 

However, the number in rural schools fell by more the same number of school bus trips, from 574,000 in 2015 to 519,000 last year. 

More students are also using the school bus, which has been known as a “last resort” for students with disability, according the NASMB. 

“We do have a shortage of school buses.

Many rural schools are out of service,” said John Clements, CEO of the NASMB, in a statement.

“We’re working hard to increase availability, which is a critical step in our efforts to expand school bus service to rural communities.” 

“Our focus is on making sure our students have access to transportation as soon as possible,” he added. 

School buses are often used by teachers and students who are wheelchair-bound or have mobility challenges, as well as those who are elderly, have hearing or vision impairments, or are in the middle of a long commute. 

There is also a growing need for school buses in some of the country’s poorest counties. 

In addition to a rising number of rural schools in need of additional transportation options, a number of cities are facing significant problems with school bus services. 

Clements told Business Insider that his organization is currently “focused on making certain schools are available as soon possible.” 

Some of the major cities in the country have been struggling with the problem, with several struggling to keep their school buses operating. 

New York City has struggled to keep a bus running for two years. 

As of this week, the city of New York reported that 1,724,000 students are on school buses, but only about 10% of them are on buses that have enough room for all of the students who need it. 

Additionally, according, the NYS Department of Transportation, they have had to divert buses to accommodate a growing number of disabled students who require extra transportation. 

This means students in the schools who need extra transportation, but are unable to get it because of the school’s capacity limit, may be stranded in the city, with no way to get back to school. 

These buses can often take a long time to get to their destination. 

Another problem in New York City is the lack of capacity for buses in schools with students who use wheelchairs. 

One in three students in New Jersey have a disability and cannot safely access school buses due to the limited space on the school buses and the limited number of wheelchair accessible seats. 

A recent report by the New Jersey Association of Schools and Community Colleges, found that schools in New Brunswick are in “major distress” with the lack, capacity and safety of buses in their schools. 

At least 12% of students in NJ schools are disabled, and the number is rising. 

Some schools in Camden, which was ranked first in the state for its school bus capacity, are now reporting that students with limited mobility are being left behind by their school district, due to inadequate capacity for the buses. 

Several cities have been experiencing similar issues.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he is working to provide funding for more schools in his state, which may be a sign of how the state is dealing with the situation. 

Many states are now working to expand the availability of school transportation options.

In 2016, New Jersey increased its number of schools with a bus capacity of 10,000, and in 2016 the state added over 1,000 school bus stops, according CNN. 

Last month, the National Governors Association launched a $15 million campaign to increase the availability and availability of bus transportation options for students who have mobility issues in underserved communities. 

States are also looking to provide greater access to schools for students and families who cannot travel with a wheelchair. 

On Friday, Governor Charlie Baker announced that his administration would expand funding for schools that require special education students to use a special education bus. 

But it’s not just New York that has been struggling.

In March, the Tennessee Department of Health announced that it had been unable to obtain the necessary funds for a school to provide transportation to a school with students with learning disabilities. 

That state’s school bus network is not fully equipped, and students with special education needs are often the most vulnerable

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