How to tell the difference between the different types of trains in the UK

UK-based company El Transportador is bringing the technology to the UK.

The company has taken delivery of a new electric train that is equipped with sensors to help passengers differentiate between different types.

Read more article El Transportadores CEO Jules Sartor said that it had been working with a company in the US to build the train.

It was a matter of getting the technology ready to go into production.

It’s a very exciting project.

We have been working very closely with the US company to develop the technology and to get it into production, he said.

We are very excited to get this train to Britain and see the first passenger on board, he added.

El Transportadrón is one of several companies that have taken delivery in recent years of the technology.

It has been developed by UK-listed robotics company AeroSystems, which has developed the same technology.

Its predecessor was the company’s X-train, which was introduced in 2013.

In that system, the train is driven by a computer and the sensors are activated by the driver.

The sensors detect how the train moves and sends a signal to a control centre in the vehicle.

The train will also monitor the condition of the cabin and can detect any faults in the system.

The El Transportadera will be equipped with an electronic braking system, a high-speed passenger air-conditioning system, and a remote air-quality monitoring system.

In addition to sensors that can detect the movement of the train, the system will also detect air pollution.

It will also be able to track the amount of passengers on board the train to help the driver know when to slow down.

The technology is not just for the UK, though.

In Germany, trains are equipped with the same system.

There are also similar systems in Spain and France.

But it is the US that is the largest market for the technology, Sartors co-founder and CEO Jens Schoenfeld told reporters.

He said it would be in a very good position to help develop the UK-built technology.

“It will give us the chance to have a very high quality train, and we will be able develop that in the future,” he said, adding that he expects the technology would be a hit in the British market.

El Transportationadores train will be in service by 2020, and the company expects to sell about 2,000 of them to customers.

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